Bridging the gap between crisis and care.

911 MassCasualty enables first responders to triage, coordinate, and communicate in realtime without operational infrastructure.



Our design allows you to start patient triage and care from any point in the record. Caregivers can swap between the two modes seamlessly at will.



Designed to operate in the worst conditions,
911 MassCasualty uses fixed point networks and vehicle/aircraft power to power communications.



Designed with the same guiding principles as our PCR product, 911 MassCasualty enables a rapid completion of records and charts on scene.



Seamlessly transfer care between triage and treatment, ground and air.

Using base stations located on vehicles and transports, 911 MassCasualty transfers records in real time at the point of handoff.


Deliver Seamless Response Across All Providers in the Field

Utilizing fixed-point radio transmitters located on command vehicles, transports, and aircraft; 911 MassCasualty delivers a seamless transition of care from first-response, to triage, care, transport, and final destination. Based on field-tested wireless technologies, these base stations are powered by vehicle current and allow your responders to continue communicating even in a lights-out/phones-out emergency.

Rapidly Triage and Route Patients Based on Condition

911 MassCasualty allows you to identify patients via photo, name, or tag. Then, using industry standard color coding, classify the patient and route accordingly. As conditions change or new patients come in, you can rapidly close the current record and move to another patient knowing the information you had already entered has been automatically saved. This allows your responders to adapt as the situation warrants and move to higher priority patients, knowing the record is saved and transferred to the next caregiver automatically.

Optimized For Speed and Efficiency In Charting

Based on the same guiding principles as our standard PCR software, 911 MassCasualty is optimized for caregivers to notate and chart rapidly, accurately, and effectively. Designed to minimize time entering data in the field, we offer rapid searches of common procedures, medications, and more. With tools to instantly locate patients, capture vitals, and freeform narrative 911 MassCasualty allows your responders to focus on care and not on charts.

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